Make Contributions


Electronic employer contribution reporting and electronic contribution payment is now compulsory for all employers. 

The legalsuper administration system is fully compliant with the requirements.

The legalsuper USI (unique superannuation identifier) is LIS0100AU

You can make contributions using EmployerOnline or via a clearing house.

Clearing House

A clearing house lets you submit all your superannuation contributions in one payment batch.

 With legalsuper you can submit your contribution information and payment instructions online. These instructions are collated and one deduction is made from your nominated bank account. 

 Through SCH Online, legalsuper then distributes the information and the money to the various funds as chosen by your staff.

Why would you use a clearing house service?

i. Simplify your contribution process by making just the one payment to multiple funds - you make one secure electronic transaction and SCH Online distributes the contributions to your employees’ nominated funds.

ii. Using a clearing house service can minimise the time and paperwork involved in paying contributions to numerous funds.

iii. You can obtain a record of your contribution history whenever you need it.

Next step:

1. Find out more about how this service works.

2. Read the SCH Online Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) here.

3. Contact SCH Online on 1300 855 935.

4. Speak to a legalsuper client service manager