Workplace Visits

You can arrange for a legalsuper representative to visit your workplace to brief you and your staff on superannuation. It is a free service.

Typical discussion topics include:

  • Understanding the choices within your super fund
  • How much super you may need at retirement
  • Recent legislative changes to super
  • The different contribution methods to build up your super (such as salary sacrifice)
  • How to consolidate multiple super accounts
  • How to find lost super
  • Understanding the differences between investment options
  • Tax effective options for those retiring or considering a transition to retirement strategy
  • Insurance options within your super fund

Taking control of your super will make a big difference to your accumulated retirement savings. The following example is typical of the information your legalsuper representative uses to demonstrate the benefits of maximising your super.

Whilst both Felicity and Rose are the same age and earn the same income, Rose understands that by choosing a more appropriate investment option, by paying less in fees, by saving more and by working longer, a substantial difference in retirement savings can be achieved.

  Felicity Rose
Age 30 30
Income (including super) $76,650 $76,650
Retirement age 62 65
Investment option Balanced Growth
Fund fees Medium Low - Medium
Extra into super (gross) $0 per month $40 per month
Final balance (today’s dollars) $267,722 $352,659

Key assumptions:
Sourced from the ASIC website
Starting balance $10,000
Date of birth 01/01/1987 (30 years of age)
Income $70,000 (plus Superannuation Guarantee)
Superannuation Guarantee 9.5% (increases from 1 July 2021)
Insurance premium $468 per annum
Inflation (rise in cost of living) 2.5% per annum
Inflation (additional rise in living standards) 1% per annum
Investment options used for illustrative purposes only are those provided within the ASIC Superannuation calculator.
This table is provided as a guide only, actual results may differ.