Welcome to legalsuper's pension forms to help manage your legalsuper pension account.

Pension Member Application Pack

(PDF 1.91 MB)
Issued: 01 October 2018

This document contains a summary of the important information that you should know about the features of legalsuper pension products.

Please note that four classifications of member application forms exist for pension products: 

1. Pension membership 

2.  Pension membership (Transition to Retirement)

3.Guaranteed Income Account (Fixed Interest)

4. Guaranteed Income Account (Lifetime)

Change Details - Pension Member

(PDF 83.67 KB)
Issued: 01 October 2018

Complete this form to update your personal details, nominate a beneficiary and/or switch your investment option.

Retirement Declaration Form

(PDF 81.79 KB)
Issued: 01 October 2018