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Register of Relevant Interests 2018

(PDF 27.12 KB)
Issued: 24 April 2018

Significant Event Notice - August 2017

(PDF 532.16 KB)
Issued: 28 August 2017

This Significant Event Notice (SEN) includes notification about reductions to the buy/sell spreads that applied from 3 March 2017 for the following investment options: Conservative, Conservative balanced, Balanced, MySuper balanced, Growth, High growth, Australian shares and Overseas shares.

Please note that the 30 June 2017 annual member statements incorrectly disclosed the previous higher buy/sell spreads although the correct reduced buy/sell spreads were applied to member accounts between 3 March 2017 and 30 June 2017.

Please contact legalsuper on 1800 060 312 if you require any further information.

Significant Event Notice (Insurance changes – August 2016)

(PDF 168.54 KB)
Issued: 31 August 2016

A review of our insurance arrangements and options has been completed and some changes have resulted.

Significant Event Notice (Direct Investment Option – August 2016)

(PDF 69.97 KB)
Issued: 31 August 2016

Please be advised of the following changes that will apply to investments made via the Direct Investment option from 8 October 2016.

Audited Financial Statements - legalsuper

(PDF 1.04 MB)
Issued: 20 November 2017

legalsuper Superannuation Product Disclosure Statement

(PDF 214.73 KB)
Issued: 14 November 2017

This document contains a summary of the important information that you should know about the features of legalsuper.

Please note that two classifications of member application forms exist: 

1. ‘Employer-sponsored’ application form: for members where contributions will be paid by an employer.

2. ‘Personal members’ application form: for members where contributions will be paid directly from themself (i.e. generally self-employed people)