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legalsuper Superannuation Product Disclosure Statement

(PDF 214.73 KB)
Issued: 01 July 2018

This document contains a summary of the important information that you should know about the features of legalsuper.

Please note that two classifications of member application forms exist: 

1. ‘Employer-sponsored’ application form: for members where contributions will be paid by an employer.

2. ‘Personal members’ application form: for members where contributions will be paid directly from themself (i.e. generally self-employed people)

Personal Super Additional Information

(PDF 1.41 MB)
Issued: 01 July 2018

Personal members will typically make direct contributions. (Generally self-employed people) 

This document contains detailed information about legalsuper's investment options, insurance cover, contribution rules, taxation and other important information.

Commencing on page 63 are the forms that you will require to join legalsuper after you have read this important information.

Employer sponsored super additional information

(PDF 1.27 MB)
Issued: 01 July 2018

Financial Services Guide - "Combined Financial Services Guide"

(PDF 1.11 MB)
Issued: 01 July 2017

How legalsuper is managed and how money is protected