Changing Jobs

legalsuper is a public offer fund. So, even if you go to a job in a different industry, or decide to take some time out of the workforce, you can keep the benefits of being a legalsuper member in an industry fund.

Your account will continue to be invested, you will pay the same low administration fee and you can make personal contributions, including spouse contributions, to top-up your savings whenever you like.

If your new employer already pays into legalsuper, simply give them your legalsuper membership number.

If your new employer does not pay into legalsuper but you are eligible for Choice of Fund, you can ask them to pay your superannuation contributions into the Fund using this form.

But even if you are not eligible for Choice of Fund and your new employer does not want to pay into legalsuper, you can still leave your account balance with us and remain a member.