Death and TPD for employer-sponsored members

How am I covered?

Employer-sponsored members will receive up to four units of Death and TPD cover (without having to provide evidence of health), provided they are ‘At Work’ when their cover commences, have joined legalsuper within 180 days of commencing work with a legalsuper employer and a contribution paid within 120 days.

legalsuper's default insurance cover for employer-sponsored members
Current Age Type of cover Sum insured  Cost per week
Up to 24 2 units of death & TPD $220,000 $3.90
25-44 4 units of death & TPD $440,000 $7.80
45-49 4 units of death & TPD $280,000 $7.80
50-54 4 units of death & TPD $200,000 $7.80
55-59 4 units of death & TPD $160,000 $7.80
60-64 4 units of death & TPD $80,000 $7.80
65-69 4 units of death & TPD $40,000 $7.80
70-74 4 units of death cover only $20,000 (death cover only) $5.48
75-79 4 units of death cover only $10,000 (death cover only) $5.48

*TPD cover ceases on an insured member's 70th birthday.

If you are not ‘At Work’ when your cover commences, or have joined outside of 180 days of commencing work with a legalsuper employer, you will still receive four units of Death & TPD cover, but your TPD cover will be Limited Cover.

Limited Cover will be replaced with Standard Cover at the expiry of 12 calendar months from the date your cover commenced, provided you are ‘At Work’ at that 12 month period.

For more information, please refer to our publication entitled Employer Sponsored Super - Additional Information.

Special insurance offer - 
for new employer-sponsored members only (available for 60 days from the date of your Welcome letter) 

New legalsuper members in the employer sponsored division can increase their death and total and permanent disability (TPD) cover by up to four units (depending on their age) and/or apply for salary continuance (SC) cover of up to $6,000 per month for a two-year benefit period.

This provides the opportunity for members to assess the adequacy of the insurance cover and increase that cover with a limited underwriting process.

To apply for the special insurance offer please access the form.  Please note that terms and conditions apply as outlined in legalsuper’s Product Disclosure Statement and Employer-sponsored Additional Information document. 

Information outlining the definition of legalsuper’s Total and Permanent Disability insurance, as applicable to Employer-sponsored members, is featured in the Employer-sponsored Additional Information document.