The perfect partner for employers in the legal community

We've specialised in customised superannuation solutions for legal industry employers for over 30 years. Our specialist knowledge and deep understanding of the law help simplify and streamline the complexity of managing super for both employers and employees.

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Understanding employer responsibilities

Stay informed and compliant with our guide to Superannuation Guarantee (SG) rules, tailored for the legal profession. Learn about your responsibilities and the high compliance standards in the legal sector.

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Managing payments

Simplify your super payments with our easy-to-use system, which lets you focus on what you do best: running your business. Start today, and enjoy the perks of streamlined financial management.

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Workplace education

Empower your employees with our superannuation educational sessions tailored to the legal community. Book a session today to invest in the financial well-being of your team, enhancing their understanding in a way that resonates with legal professionals.

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Client Service Managers

Benefit from dedicated one-on-one personal guidance from our Client Service Managers, who are well-versed in the unique challenges of the legal sector. Contact us for tailored support that aligns with the specific superannuation needs of your legal firm.