Responsible, focused investments

By focusing on long-term investment growth, we're not just handling your funds but nurturing your dreams.

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Our investment approach

Our approach is rooted in fundamental investment beliefs, backed by a stringent governance framework and a disciplined investment process investing for your retirement security. This means actively selecting investment managers for the potential to contribute to robust long-term returns. We understand market volatility and have strategies to safeguard your super, ensuring stability even in uncertain times. We embed environmental, social, and governance considerations into our investment decisions.

We believe in building resilient portfolios capable of weathering diverse market scenarios. The agile size of our fund allows us to embrace active management, enhancing returns and mitigating risks. Our investment strategy pivots on a clear understanding of growth and defensive assets. Learn how we navigate these classifications to devise strategies that consistently deliver competitive returns.

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Our top 20 investments

Curious about where your super is invested? We value transparency. Explore our 20 most significant security holdings across Australian and overseas shares and property. This insight gives you a clearer picture of how we're actively managing and growing your super.

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Expert investment advisors & managers

Our team consists of some of the market's most seasoned investment specialists. This partnership ensures experts with a proven track record manage your super. Discover how our appointed custodians, advisors, and managers are a pivotal part of our strategy to maximise your returns.

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Our commitment to ESG and responsible investing

Investing on your behalf goes beyond securing your financial future. We embed environmental, social, and governance considerations into our investment decisions. This approach aims for positive long-term investment outcomes and aligns with creating a sustainable and equitable world for future generations. Explore how our responsible investing shapes a better tomorrow for everyone.


Investment Governance & beliefs

With a robust internal framework and guidance from expert independent advisors, we aim to maintain a high level of governance for your investments. Delve into the core elements of our investment strategy and governance, and observe how our diligent approach potentially translates into better outcomes for your superannuation.