Take control of your investment options

The ideal investment mix for your super covers a range of crucial factors. These include your age, investment goals, risk appetite and fund access timeline. Whether you're inclined towards a straightforward single option, a more varied combination of options or prefer to self-manage your super with our Direct Investment Option (DIO), our investment options cater to every investor's preference.

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MySuper Balanced is your default investment option

If you haven't made a super investment choice, your money will be automatically invested in our MySuper Balanced option. It recently delivered a solid return of 7.92% for the year ending 30 June 2023 and has outperformed the SuperRatings median over 3, 5, 7 and 10 years*. This is a diversified portfolio of assets which are actively managed in order to balance risk and return in all market conditions.

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Understanding your investor profile

Whether you lean towards a conservative approach or prefer more aggressive growth options, matching your investment choices to your life stage and needs is essential. Key to this process is a deep understanding of asset classes, which are the building blocks of your investment strategy. Here are some options you can consider:

  • MySuper Balanced Option: A default choice with balanced, diversified investments.
  • Pre-Mixed Options: Offer diversified investments across various asset classes.
  • Sector-Specific Options: Allow for a custom mix, catering to specific investment preferences.
  • Direct Investment Option (DIO): For those interested in investing in shares, securities, and more.

Each option caters to different investor profiles, from those preferring stability to those seeking dynamic growth opportunities. Understanding their characteristics can help you tailor your investments more effectively to your unique profile.

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Understanding your risk profile

Your level of comfort with investment risk shapes every investment choice. High growth options, while offering the potential for higher returns over the long term, also come with increased risk and volatility. Conversely, conservative options offer lower risk but also lower returns. Shares are among the riskier asset classes with the potential for significant value fluctuations, whereas cash is one of the least risky, offering the lowest returns on average over the long term. Your risk profile—whether cautious, moderate, or aggressive—will guide your investment decisions.

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Planning an investment timeframe

Your investment timeframe is a key factor in your decision-making process. As you approach retirement, you might opt for more conservative investments to minimise the risk of a decrease in your balance. Alternatively, you may maintain growth-oriented investments in pursuit of higher returns. Short-term investors nearing retirement typically favour lower-risk investments due to their more stable and predictable returns, while long-term investors can often afford to pursue higher returns, having the time to weather volatile market cycles.

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Managing investment options online

Our MemberAccess and Mobile App make managing your short or long term investment options easy. Use them regularly to review your objectives, strategy, risks, and potential returns to ensure they meet your needs, especially as you approach significant life events or financial changes.

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Retirement Planner calculator

The MoneySmart Retirement Planner Calculator can help you work out what income you’re likely to get from super and the age pension when you retire. Our Client Service team can provide general information and limited personal advice at no charge or obligation to help guide your decisions.

*MySuper Balanced return to 30/06/2023, net of tax and all fees except the $1.30 Administration fee.

Please note that past investment performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. We recommend seeking professional advice before selecting your investment option.