How much super do I need?

Your super balance and super savings will likely play a big part in how comfortably you live in retirement. With our tools and insights at your disposal, determining how much super you may need for a comfortable retirement is more straightforward and stress-free. By starting now, you're taking a crucial step towards securing your financial future.

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Savings in super - how much will you need?

Most people need about 70% of their current take-home pay in retirement to maintain their accustomed lifestyle. This figure is a starting point, as the amount you need will vary based on your unique expenses and income. These numbers don't account for personal needs or circumstances, making it crucial to tailor the information to your situation by using a retirement income calculator and considering other contributing factors.

The necessary savings for a comfortable retirement* at age 67 are:

Single $595,000 Couple $690,000

These figures are in today's dollars, using 2.75% average weekly earnings (AWE) as a deflator, and assuming an investment earning rate of 6%. They don't take into consideration your personal needs or circumstances.

Exploring other essential retirement factors

Understanding how much super you'll need extends beyond simple savings. Several factors will shape your retirement needs, including: 

  • Reduced expenses:  Many retirees find that their overall expenses decrease once they settle debts and adjust to a new lifestyle. 
  • Additional income sources:  You might supplement your super with the Government Age Pension or other benefits, adding a valuable income stream in your retirement years. You may also have savings outside of superannuation. 
  • Personal needs and circumstances:  Essential considerations like healthcare expenses, your expected lifespan, and whether you own your home or rent all play critical roles in determining your financial requirements. 

Using these tools, you can build a more accurate and personalised retirement plan:


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