When life changes

Life is full of changes, but your super shouldn't suffer because of them. Your super can be affected by starting a family, divorce, taking a career break, or other major life events. In this short guide, we'll explore how these life changes impact your super and provide valuable insights on what you can do to safeguard any retirement savings.  

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Career Breaks

Taking a career break or working less can impact your super, whether for travel, personal reasons, or family matters. Here's how to keep it on track:

  • Combine your super: Streamline your super accounts to reduce fees and maximise growth. 
  • Contribution splitting: Share contributions with your spouse for a more balanced retirement strategy.
  • Set up spouse contributions: Contribute to your spouse's super, and possibly save on tax or possibly save on income tax.
  • Make extra contributions: Consider making additional contributions to compensate for lost savings during your break.
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Access your super early

If you're facing financial hardship, compassionate circumstances, or illness, you might need to access your super before retirement.

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Super and divorce

Relationship breakdowns can be stressful so we’ve made a list of what you might need to think about in relation to your super.  

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Help when life changes

Your life journey may take unexpected turns, but your super can remain secure with careful planning and knowledge. If you need personalised help or have any more in-depth questions, our Customer Service Team is available Monday to Friday between 8am and 8pm (AEST/AEDT).
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