Management team policies & disclosures


Staff development & performance

Performance evaluation

The performance of all staff is formally reviewed and evaluated each year.

Each staff member meets with their direct report to review their performance over the preceding year and identify any opportunities for professional development.

The Remuneration Committee reviews the performance and remuneration of all responsible officers of the Trustee which includes the Chief Executive, Executive Manager, Operations and Member Services, Executive Manager, Member Experience, Executive Manager, Compliance and Chief Investment Officer. 

The Remuneration Committee receives and considers a report and recommendations from the Chief Executive on the performance of the responsible officers and formulates a recommendation for the Board.

The Chief Executive submits a self-evaluation which is considered by the Remuneration Committee.

The Board then determines any adjustment to the remuneration of the responsible officers.

Professional development

legalsuper invests in the professional development of its staff recognising the importance of them being properly trained to undertake their responsibilities and provide high levels of professional advice and service to members and employers.

This professional development includes industry conferences for the superannuation and financial services industries as well as specific tailored professional development. Staff who provide advice to members are required to undertake ongoing training to keep them abreast of changes in superannuation.

Twice a year all staff from across Australia meet in Melbourne at a strategic planning and professional development meeting. Industry commentators are invited to present at this meeting to brief the team on current industry trends and developments. As part of the professional development component of these meetings, expert training consultants provide specialist professional development.

The Trustee encourages and supports staff undertaking further studies both by paying the cost of work related study and providing study leave.

Remuneration of responsible officers

The aggregate remuneration paid to each of the responsible officers in each of the last two financial years was as follows:

Executive remuneration 2017-18

Travel, accommodation and other incidental costs incurred by responsible officers in their roles are paid or reimbursed by legalsuper and reflected in the financial statements of legalsuper.