Claiming a tax deduction

By making personal or voluntary contributions after tax, you can reduce your taxable income, potentially leading to lower tax payments depending on your earnings bracket.

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Benefits of after-tax contributions

After-tax contributions (subject to contribution caps) benefit from generally lower tax rates on investment earnings compared to other investments, offering tax relief and enhancing your super's long-term growth potential. These contributions, also known as non-concessional contributions, are made from income that has already been taxed. Initial contributions from after-tax pay are reclassified as before-tax contributions, attracting a super tax of 15% (instead of the marginal tax rate) if they are claimed as tax deductions. The extent of the benefit you gain from claiming a deduction depends on your personal tax rate and the applied super tax.

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Make a contribution

Notify us:
Either complete the Notice of Intent Form or send us the ATO's paper form.

Wait for acknowledgment:
We'll process your request and notify you once it is complete. You must receive this acknowledgement from us before claiming the deduction on your tax return.

How to make a contribution:
Log in to MemberAccess or use BPAY to make a personal super contribution before June 30.

Include in your tax return:
Declare the claimed amount on your tax return under the Individual Tax Return supplement section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Deductions are possible from 67 to 75 years, with work criteria. Not allowed over 75.

Only personal after-tax contributions are deductible. Deductions are not allowed for employer contributions, FHSSS amounts, downsizer contributions, or contributions from other funds.

Depends on personal circumstances. Financial advice is recommended.

No, but a tax offset might be available.

There is no limit on the deduction amount, but it is subject to annual super contribution caps.


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