Default insurance for every life stage

Insurance paths vary and so do your needs. That's why we offer both automatic default cover and tailored options for those that have different cover needs. Our Default Insurance Offering, recognised in 2024 for excellence, demonstrates our deep commitment to serving the legal community. This adaptable coverage, encompassing Death and TPD is designed to evolve with our average member’s needs providing a reliable safety net at every turn of your life or career.

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Default insurance for employer-sponsored members

If your super contributions are made through your employer, you're likely already benefiting from our default insurance cover for Death & TPD. This cover, an integral part of your member benefits, is tailored for our average member based on age, the type of account held, and other eligibility criteria. Employer-sponsored insurance is popular among our members, offering protection seamlessly integrated with your other benefits.

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Default insurance for personal members

Tailored specifically for the average member who is self-employed and those substantially self-managing their careers, our Personal Members category offers default insurance cover for death and TPD that's as unique as your career. We understand the distinctive needs of independent professionals, and our coverage is designed to provide you with protection and peace of mind. This ensures that you're well-equipped to focus on your career goals, knowing you're protected.

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Protect what matters most with flexible insurance options

Life is unpredictable, but our insurance isn't. We provide security, clarity, and comfort with flexible options that can adjust to life's changes. Our commitment to you includes affordable premiums, transparent terms, and a seamless claims process. Stay prepared for life's uncertainties with our adaptable coverage.


Know your ideal cover with our insurance calculator

Ensure you have the right level of cover by using our user-friendly insurance calculator. It's a simple way to determine the right cover for your needs.
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