Life is unpredictable and personal circumstances can change in an instant. Utilising your super to secure a robust insurance plan ensures lasting financial security for you and your loved ones, safeguarding your lifestyle against unforeseen events.

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Award-winning insurance cover for life's unexpected events

One thing is sure in life, always be ready for changing circumstances. That's why insurance matters. Our award-winning default cover, recognised by SuperRatings for 2024, has been specifically designed for the legal community. It offers vital protection for you and your family.  Premiums are conveniently deducted from your super balance, eliminating having to pay for this directly.

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Special welcome offer for new members

Default cover starts for you when you become automatically eligible. This happens for new members who reach an account balance of $6,000 and are at least age 25. However, within 60 days of your welcome letter you can opt into default death and TPD cover early. If you are an employer-sponsored member you also have the option to add salary continuance insurance or increase your death and TPD cover above default cover by answering a few simple questions.

Alternatively, if you have existing insurance through another super fund or a separate life insurance policy, you can choose to switch this to our award-winning coverage.

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Compassion and support when you claim

We strive to make any insurance claim as straightforward as possible. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through every step, ensuring a smooth and compassionate approach. Whether you're starting your claim via an online process or need personalised assistance, we're here to help.

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Transparent insights into insurance costs

Knowing the costs associated with different types of insurance coverage is essential. We provide detailed information about the premiums and how they are calculated, ensuring you make an informed decision about the insurance you need.


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As a member, you can get personalised support from our Client Services team at no cost or obligation to assist with your retirement goals.
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