Life events

If eligible, you may be able increase your insurance cover without having to go through medical underwriting.

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Special insurance offer

This offer is available for 60 days from the date of your welcome letter.

New legalsuper members in the Employer-sponsored division can increase their default insurance cover (Death and Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) by up to four units (depending on their age) and/or apply for Salary Continuance (SC) cover of up to $6,000 per month for a two-year benefit period.

This provides the opportunity for members to assess the adequacy of the insurance cover and increase that cover with a limited underwriting process.

Please note that terms and conditions apply as outlined in legalsuper’s Product Disclosure Statement and Employer-Sponsored Super & Personal Super Additional Information document.

To apply for the special insurance offer please complete and return this form:

When things change in your life

Employer-sponsored members can have additional insurance to help get the right level of cover when a life-changing event occurs. 

A Life Event includes:

  • Marriage; involvement in an interdependent relationship (for two years or more);
  • Birth or adoption of a child;
  • Your child starting secondary school; and
  • Taking out a mortgage of more than $100,000 on your principal place of residence or increase your mortgage on your principal place of residence by more than $100,000 (excludes redraw and refinancing).

Life Events Cover allows you to apply for an additional one unit of cover without providing medical evidence, if you experience a Life Event (or 25% of your existing Fixed Cover, if you hold Fixed Cover, subject to a maximum increase of $200,000). 

This offer is available to members up to 54 years of age, within 180 days of the Life Event. To qualify for this increase in cover, you must complete to the satisfaction of the insurer and sign and date the 'Life Events Application Form' (below) including the Eligibility Conditions, Screening Questions and Life Event - Required Documents with your application. Your application is subject to acceptance by the insurer (Zurich Australia Limited). 

You may apply for an increase in cover for only one Life Event in any 12-month period, with a maximum of three Life Events during your membership with legalsuper.

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Further information about Life Events cover and eligibility

Read Employer Sponsored Super & Personal Super Additional Information.