Wherever you go, take your super with you

Changing jobs doesn't mean leaving your super behind. You can take your super with you wherever your career leads, even outside the legal profession. Keep your retirement savings on track as you navigate new roles and industries. Here's what you need to know.

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Notify your new employer

When you change jobs, you can ask your new employer to continue contributing to your existing legalsuper account. Just provide them with the necessary details to make it happen. They might set you up with their default fund if legalsuper is not your most recent/active fund.

Avoid multiple accounts

Many people think they need to open a new account when changing jobs, leading to multiple accounts that can consume your super savings over time. You can keep your super with legalsuper, even if your new job is outside the legal industry.

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Provide your new employer with super details

If you want your new employer to pay into your legalsuper account, download and complete the Choice of Fund form below. Give this form to your new employer; it contains all the necessary information:

  • Fund Name: legalsuper
  • Fund ABN: 60 346 078 879
  • Fund Address: legalsuper, locked bag 5081, Parramatta, NSW 2124
  • Fund Phone: 1800 060 312
  • Unique Superannuation Identifier (USI): LIS0100AU
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Job change checklist

  • Update your contact details
    Make sure we can reach you.
  • Review your Insurance
    Check if your insurance coverage aligns with your new income.
  • Investigate your new employment agreement
    Understand your new employment terms, including super contributions and salary packaging.
  • Check your contributions
    After the first month, ensure your previous employer has made final contributions and that your new employer pays into your chosen legalsuper account.
  • Consider salary sacrifice
    Explore the benefits of redirecting some of your pre-tax salary to your super account. It can reduce your tax liability and boost your retirement savings.
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Becoming self-employed

If you become self-employed, you can still make personal contributions to your existing legalsuper account.
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