Super advice for the self-employed

Superannuation works differently if you're self-employed as a sole trader or in a business partnership. Discover the benefits of our Personal accounts and how they can help secure your future.

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What is a personal account?

We offer two main account types:

  • Employer-sponsored accounts: For those employed by others.
  • Personal accounts: Tailored for self-employed and those individuals not regularly contributing.

While sharing similar fee structures and investment options as Employer-sponsored accounts, Personal accounts differ, especially in insurance offerings.

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Why pay super when your self-employed?

Being self-employed means taking charge of your retirement income. Unlike regular employees, your income might stop when you stop working. By saving in super you benefit from lower tax rates and compound interest. Super can be a flexible part of your financial planning, whether you contribute regularly or in lump sums.

Example: Bert, a self-employed contractor, saves $1,950 in taxes by contributing $10,000 to his super. 

Paying your own super contributions  

You can contribute to your super in two ways:

  1. If you pay yourself a wage, allocate at least 10% of your pre-tax income to your super.
  2. If you draw from business revenue, contribute lump sums as your cash flow allows.
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Ready to join? Contact our Client Service team

You can get personalised support with your application from our Client Service team at no cost or obligation. They can also provide general information and limited personal advice on super for existing self-employed members.
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MemberAccess: your secure online portal

MemberAccess is a secure online portal that streamlines the management of your super. With new features like multi-factor authentication, your super details are safer than ever. Resetting your password is also a breeze, with no need for traditional security questions. A fully responsive design ensures easy navigation, while a sleek and modern look provides quick access to essential information. With MemberAccess, you can easily:

  • Manage investment options, insurance, and personal details
  • Check account balances and fees across all accounts
  • View transactions and correspondence
  • Track how your super is performing
  • Consolidate super accounts
  • Access annual statements
  • Consolidate multiple super accounts
  • Top up any regular contributions