Personalised support throughout your super journey

Your road to retirement is as unique as you are. As your trusted partner, we're dedicated to providing support and resources every step of the way. Our range of member services is there to ensure your path to retirement is as smooth as possible.

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Client Service Managers make everything personal

At the heart of member support are our Client Service Managers. Each one has over 20 years of financial industry experience. They are there to provide in-person, online or workplace consultations without cost or obligation.

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Our Melbourne-based Client Service Centre is just a call or email away for general queries about your account. Call 1800 060 312 Monday to Friday, between 8am and 8pm AEST/AEDT, for assistance.

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Webinars and events for more informed decisions

The more you know, the more your super can grow. Members can attend free webinars or workplace events to improve their decision-making on the financial direction of their super.

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Control your super anywhere, anytime with MemberAccess

Our MemberAccess portal or mobile app is a convenient online tool for all your super needs. From managing account services to adjusting your investment strategy, these easy-to-use digital tools put managing your super right at your fingertips.

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Special assistance for members at risk

We understand that members may face a variety of challenges, from mental health issues to coping with financial difficulties. Our Client Services team is there to offer assistance through various channels to ensure all members receive the support they need in challenging times.

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Feedback and complaints

Your feedback is invaluable to us. We encourage you to learn about our complaint resolution process, as we are committed to continuous improvement and addressing any concerns you may have.


Need more help? Contact our Client Services team

As a member, you can get personalised support from our Client Services team at no cost or obligation to assist with your retirement goals.
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