Claims for Terminal Illness

Navigating life with a terminal illness is challenging. We're dedicated to providing the support and guidance you need, simplifying the claim process with empathy and ease.

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Accessing your super benefits if suffering a Terminal Illness

If you're diagnosed with a terminal medical condition, you can ask us to release your accrued superannuation benefits.

When you meet the terminal medical condition (which is a condition of release), your accrued superannuation benefits become unrestricted non-preserved benefits. This also includes any benefits you accrue during the 24-month certification period. During the certification period, benefits can be accessed as a tax-free lump sum if withdrawn.

If you have death cover, you are able to lodge a claim for a Terminal Illness benefit that will be subject to assessment by the insurer.

If the amount of your Death cover exceeds $2,000,000, your Death cover will be reduced by the amount of the insured Terminal Illness benefit paid to you which cannot exceed this amount. You would need to maintain an account and continue to pay premiums to maintain cover. If the amount of your Death cover is less than $2,000,000, your Death cover will cease upon payment of the insured Terminal Illness benefit by the Insurer. 

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Initiating your claim

To start the claims process, we first need to confirm your eligibility. Once verified, we will send you the necessary forms and request supporting documentation to facilitate a smooth process. Initially, you will need to provide: 

  • your name and date of birth (member number is helpful but not mandatory) 
  • details about your terminal illness diagnosis, including the date your illness first presented 

Please remember that the duration for processing a claim can vary.

If you have Death cover, you may be able to choose to have your claim lodged online. In these circumstances access to our insurer’s claim’s system will be provided to assist you through the claims process. 

Submitting your application  

You will need to complete and return the forms provided, along with any supporting documents. These may include medical assessments from your treating doctor and specialists, as well as any other medical evidence that supports your claim. We will assess your claim based on this information. 

Under superannuation law we must be provided with two medical certificates supporting your claim, one of which must be provided by a specialist in the field of your medical condition.

The assessment process 

We will review your submission. If you are claiming a Terminal Illness benefit, the insurer may consult additional sources or independent experts as needed. You will be informed about any such steps or if further information, including additional medical reports, are required.

The outcome of your claim

  • If accepted, we will inform you and request payment instructions.  
  • If declined, we will provide the reasons for the decision.

Your application will be referred to and reviewed reviewed by the legalsuper Trustee, ensuring decisions are fair and reasonable and comply with the legalsuper Trust Deed and (where applicable) the insurance policy.

If your claim is declined you can appeal the decision with by providing additional evidence. 


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Contact us to start the process

If you believe you are eligible to claim as you are suffering a Terminal Illness, or if you have questions, please contact legalsuper at 1800 060 312 or email


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