When a member passes away

Making an insurance claim can be a difficult task, and the claims process can take more time than anticipated. We're here to help guide you, and the beneficiaries of members who've passed away, through the process of making a claim. 

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What happens when a member passes away?

We have a responsibility to pay out the member's account balance and any insurance amount payable by the insurer to the person or people entitled to it. There is no circumstance in which legalsuper knowingly retains a member's money after their passing.

If you need to advise legalsuper of the passing of a member, please call us on 1800 060 312 or email claims@legalsuper.com.au  Our dedicated claims team will help you through the process.

What do you need?

  • The deceased member's name and date of birth
  • Formal notification of death - We'll start the claim process as soon as you advise us of the member's death, however we will need formal notification before we can finalise the claim. We'll write to you advising what documents you need to provide us.

To commence the claims process 

  • Notification of the member’s passing - Contact us to advise us of the member’s passing. We’ll ask you some questions, including your personal details, and when the member passed away. We won’t be able to tell you any information about the member’s account. We will send you some paperwork to complete.
  • Paperwork (forms & supporting documents) - Complete the forms and return them to us with your supporting documents. Some things we will ask for include your identification and the members Death Certificate.

What happens then?

  • Assessment - Your application will be assessed. We will contact you if we require further supporting documentation to reach a decision about who to pay. 
  • Notification of decision - You’ll be notified of the decision and will need to confirm that you’re satisfied with this decision before payment is made. If you disagree with the decision or want the decision reviewed, you may request in writing that legalsuper reviews the decision.
  • Payment - The payment will be made. Tax may be payable on the benefit. 

What’s payable after a member has passed away?

The amount of any benefit payable may be made up of:

  • The account balance of the deceased member’s super. This may include contributions made by the employer or member and any amounts rolled over from other funds (less any appropriate charges and taxes); and
  • Any insurance amount which may be payable. The amount depends on the member’s level of insurance cover and their age at the time of death.

If the deceased member didn’t have insurance cover with legalsuper the amount payable will be made up of the member’s account balance only.

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