All you need to know about investing in super

Your super is one of the most significant investments you will ever make. So, it's crucial to have a clear understanding of the options behind its growth. From having it professionally handled with our MySuper Balanced option to taking control yourself with a DIO, you will always be guided by a team of specialists to ensure your choice aligns with your personal needs and financial goals.

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Our performance

Investment performance represents the return deposited into your account after fees and charges, just like an investment profit. We aim to grow these profits by delivering competitive returns while managing market risk. Explore our investment performance for this financial year and historically.

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Our investment options

Every investment outcome has unique objectives, strategies and risks. Factors such as age, risk tolerance and when you'll access your funds can also impact your final super balance. That's why it's essential to know what options are available. Our most popular investment option is the MySuper Balanced and this is the option for members if they do not make a choice. It has lower fees and straightforward features that eliminate unnecessary costs. With this option, members can access a dashboard of vital performance information to see how their super is invested. For those seeking more control, we offer a range of pre-mixed and single asset class managed investment portfolios to suit all risk profiles. For members who seek to control their own investments our Direct Investment Option (DIO) lets you self-manage your super to invest in assets like shares, exchange-traded funds and term deposits. Check the links below to see which one matches your investment preferences and long-term goals.

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How we invest your super

Our investment strategy focuses on active asset allocation to drive long-term returns. We meticulously research each investment, considering many factors, including financial health and market trends, to ensure alignment with our members' financial goals. Our robust governance processes help to mitigate investment risks, while diversification across various asset classes remains key to maintaining a resilient portfolio. Our smaller size enables us to take advantage of active management to enhance returns, protect portfolios and deliver competitive returns.

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Our Client Service team can help you choose the best option

If you need assistance navigating and selecting a suitable investment option, our Client Service team are available at no cost or obligation. They can provide general information and limited personal advice to help guide your choices.
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