Grow your super

We provide strategies for making informed investment choices, understanding contribution limits, and utilising government schemes. With tools like our investment calculators, you can project and track your super's growth over various timelines.

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Take a strategic and nurturing approach to investing

Just as a garden thrives in the right location, quality soil, and proper care, your financial future hinges on making similar strategic choices. By thoughtfully selecting suitable investments, maintaining a well-balanced portfolio, consistently making contributions, and vigilantly tracking your progress, you can nurture the growth of your super over time. Whether you're interested in tax-saving strategies, contribution limits, or government schemes, we provide all the necessary information and tools, including calculators, to project likely financial outcomes.  

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Contribution limits: understanding your options

Are you eligible to add to your super, and how much can you contribute?

Learn about the contribution caps, the work test, and downsizing to make informed decisions about growing your super.


Women and super

Women in Australia are currently retiring with less super than men, despite their longer life expectancy.


Claim a tax deduction

By making personal or voluntary contributions after tax, you can reduce your taxable income, potentially leading to lower tax payments depending on your earnings bracket.

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Is your super on track? Use the Moneysmart calculator

Use the Moneysmart retirement projections calculator to determine your retirement needs and what you'll need to boost your super.
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