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Account updates

If you need to update details in your account, like your business name, ABN, or your employees’ details, you can call us or manage your account online

Viewing your contribution records

If you want to view your contribution records, you can log in to EmployerAccess to view how much you have paid, to whom and when. If you have concerns about your payments, please call us and we will assist you. 

Changing your business name

You are unable to update the name of your business via EmployerAccess. This request must be received via email or letter, and submitted by the primary contact on the account. It must contain three points of identification, such as the trading or registered name of the business, ABN and existing contact details.

Changing your Australian Business Number (ABN)

If you have a new ABN, you must register a new employer account. You cannot change the ABN on an existing account. If you are no longer using your old ABN, you can cancel your employer account. If you are using two ABN’s, you must have two separate accounts. You can establish a new account online.

Inactivating or closing your employer account

To close your account, we must receive an email or letter from the primary contact.
This must include:

  • Three points of identification to enable us to identify your account;
  • The termination date of your employee(s); and
  • A date from which the account should be deemed inactive.

You are able to reopen your account in the future via phone, email or post. 

Updating your contact information on your account

Log in to EmployerAccess to update the list of people who can access your employer account, or other contact information such as your phone numbers or email address. 

Take care in updating the primary contact, as there are tasks which only the primary contact can complete. If you are unable to log in to your account online, you can update your contact information via email or post. If you are changing your contact list, please include the full names of those contacts to be removed, and the full names of those to be added.  

You must include 3 identifying pieces of information to enable us to verify the account, such as the trading or registered name of the business, ABN and existing contact details.

Updating your employees details

  • Name & date of birth

If you have incorrectly input your employee's name and date of birth when creating their account, you can update their details within three months. Please submit the request in writing via email or mail. Please contact us on 1800 060 312 for further detail. If you have incorrectly input the employee’s details and it has been more than three months since their account was created, the employee must contact us to change their details. 

  • Tax file number (TFN)

You can update an employee's TFN this by logging in to EmployerAccess, or via your clearing house. 

  • Work test

If you need to update an employee's work test, you can submit this via EmployerAccess or your clearing house. You can also advise us via email or post.