Welcome to legalsuper's member forms to help manage your legalsuper member account.

Capital Gains Tax Cap Election

(PDF 484.45 KB)
Issued: 24 March 2017

Complete this form when you are contributing to legalsuper and you intend to make a capital gains tax (CGT) cap election.  

Contribution Splitting Application

(PDF 186.53 KB)
Issued: 01 November 2010

Use this form to transfer contributions made to your legalsuper account into your spouse's super.

Direct Debit

(PDF 125.13 KB)
Issued: 01 June 2011

Complete this form to make contributions to your legalsuper account by direct debit.

Lodge Tax File Number

(PDF 120.79 KB)
Issued: 01 October 2011

Complete this form to advise legalsuper of your Tax File Number (TFN).

Alternatively click here to login to your account via MemberAcccess and provide your Tax File Number (TFN).

Notice of intent to claim

(PDF 225.57 KB)
Issued: 02 December 2015

Make a tax deductible contribution into legalsuper.

Spouse Contribution Form

(PDF 70.58 KB)
Issued: 14 November 2014

Complete this form to make contributions to your Spouse's legalsuper account.