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Audited Financial Statements

Issued: 09 September 2016

(as at 30 June 2016)


Financial Services Guide - "General and Personal Advice"

(PDF 1.14 MB)
Issued: 02 November 2016

Designed to assist with understanding legalsuper's advisory services

Financial Services Guide - "Combined Financial Services Guide"

(PDF 1.11 MB)
Issued: 28 November 2016

How legalsuper is managed and how money is protected

Register of Relevant Interests 2016

(PDF 90.8 KB)
Issued: 19 April 2017

Guaranteed Income Account Product Disclosure Statement

Issued: 18 November 2016

The Lifetime Guaranteed Income and Fixed Term Guaranteed Income products are offered by legalsuper and are collectively referred to in this PDS as Guaranteed Income Accounts. The membership application form is located on pages 31-34 of the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).