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Insurance & COVID-19

We understand that the current global uncertainty caused by COVID-19 might leave you with some questions about your insurance with legalsuper. This page is designed to help answer questions you might have.

If you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and are unable to work due to this illness, hold insurance cover with us and meet the terms of the relevant policy, you may be eligible to make an insurance claim.


Our insurance policies do not contain pandemic or epidemic exclusions and there are no exclusions applied specifically in relation to COVID-19.

Types of insurance available through legalsuper

  • Salary Continuance
    Provides a monthly income if you are unable to work due to a qualifying injury or illness.
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)  
    Provides a lump sum if you become totally and permanently disabled and can no longer work.
  • Terminal Illness
    Provides a lump sum benefit if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness which is expected to reduce your life expectancy to less than 24 months. Although COVID-19 is not a specified terminal illness condition, members who contract the virus may suffer severe complications which may meet the definition for a Terminal Illness benefit under our insurance policy.
  • Death
    Provides a lump sum benefit to your dependants or estate if you die.

Only the policy holder who is unable to work because of illness or injury can make a claim on their policy.
You must still meet all the existing terms and conditions in the policy, which still apply (such as waiting periods), to make a claim.

Insurance FAQ’s

I’ve been diagnosed with COVID-19 and I’m unable to work due to this illness. Can I claim Salary Continuance insurance?

We understand that this must be an extremely difficult and scary time for you and family, and we hope you can recover quickly. You may be able to claim on Salary Continuance insurance to help you through this period. If you:

  • Hold Salary Continuance insurance and
  • have had to cease work due to this illness. 

You may be eligible to make a claim. There are no exclusions applied specifically in relation to COVID-19. However, eligibility is conditional and depends on your personal circumstance. For example, how long you have ceased work due to your illness.

If you don’t have Salary Continuance insurance, you may wish to apply for cover. You would not be able to claim if you ceased work due to the illness before applying for cover. Login to  MemberAccess to see if you've got Salary Continuance cover.

Can I claim Salary Continuance insurance if I lose my job because my employer closed their business, or I have been made redundant?

No. Salary Continuance insurance only covers you if you are unable to work due to illness or injury. It does not include redundancy cover. If changes have been made to your employment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic but you have not ceased work due to an illness or injury, you cannot claim through your Salary Continuance insurance.

If you’ve been significantly financially impacted by COVID-19 you may be eligible to apply to the ATO for early access to your super.  

Does my Salary Continuance insurance cover my spouse or dependants?

No. You are only eligible to claim if you (the policy holder) have had to cease work due to illness or injury.

Does Salary Continuance insurance cover carer’s leave?

No. You cannot claim Salary Continuance insurance if you cease employment or have a reduced income because you are required to care for another person.

Can I increase my insurance?

Yes, you can change the level of insurance cover you are insured for. However, knowing how much cover you need can be complex. Our insurance needs calculator can help you find out how much cover may be enough. When applying for additional insurance cover, you will undergo full underwriting, which means you will need to provide detailed health evidence and medical evidence to legalsuper’s insurer, who may accept or decline your request. To apply for more cover, log in to MemberAccess.

I have been tested and/or hospitalised for COVID-19, are these costs covered by Salary Continuance insurance?

No, Salary Continuance insurance does not cover screening/test costs or any treatment or hospital costs. The purpose of Salary Continuance insurance is to supplement your income loss due to illness or injury, not cover medical expenses.

Does the Salary Continuance insurance cover periods of self-quarantine or self-isolation with no diagnosis of COVID-19?

If you’re unable to work because you’re in self-quarantine or isolation, but you are medically able to work, then you will not be covered by Salary Continuance insurance. If you’re unable to work due to illness, you will need a medical diagnosis and meet all other eligibility conditions in order to claim.

Do I get back-paid for the Waiting Period?

A Waiting Period is the number of consecutive days (either 30, 60 or 90 days as applicable) for which you must be Disabled before a Salary Continuance benefit is payable. No benefits are payable during the Waiting Period (the period before your insurance starts to pay you a benefit), and you do not get back-paid for this time. Insurance payments can commence from the end of your Waiting Period at the earliest. There is no assurance that your claim will be finalised by the end of your Waiting Period. If your Waiting Period has ended, and your claim is successful, you will be back-paid from the end of your Waiting Period.

I am in quarantine and waiting to find out if I have tested positive to COVID-19. Does quarantine count towards the Waiting Period?

The Waiting Period commences on the day a medical practitioner examines you and certifies that you are Totally Disabled, and unable to work. Depending on your medical circumstances, if you’re in quarantine and waiting to find out your test results, this will not necessarily count towards your Waiting Period. We will consider a claim when there is a medical diagnosis of illness, injury or sickness that prevents you from working.  

Am I covered for injury/illness or sickness whilst I am overseas?

Yes, Salary Continuance insurance provides 24-hour worldwide cover. This cover is limited to travel of a maximum of 3 months for a non- Australian Resident.

Am I covered if I suffer an adverse reaction to an approved COVID-19 vaccine?

One Path Life is providing COVID-19 vaccination protection for eligible insured members who suffer a serious side effect from an approved COVID-19 vaccine, at no extra cost. An amount up to $50,000 in total may be paid to eligible members under certain circumstances. Please note Terms & Conditions apply.  Learn more about COVID-19 vaccination protection.

Am I covered in the event of death from COVID-19?

Yes. There are no exclusions for COVID-19, if you have death cover and die due to complications related to COVID-19, you will be covered. To check your insurance levels and beneficiaries log in to MemberAccess.                                                                                                    

I need to make a claim on my insurance policy in relation to COVID-19. Will my claim be fast-tracked?

We will continue to assess claims in accordance with the policy terms and our normal business processes, and any claims relating to COVID-19 are no different. As always, we’ll process claims as quickly as possible and keep you informed of the progress of your claim.