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Apply for, vary or cancel insurance

Don’t under insure or over pay. Our insurance options are flexible, so you can tailor your insurance, and update your cover as your needs & lifestyle change.

Applying for or varying your cover

Applications to increase cover are subject to underwriting approval by legalsuper’s insurer. Terms and conditions apply as detailed in the PDS and applicable Additional Information document.

If you’re a new legalsuper member, or are experiencing one of the following: 

  • Marriage, or an interdependent relationship; 
  • Birth or adoption of a child;
  • Your child starting secondary school; or
  • Taking out a mortgage in excess of $100,000. 

You may be eligible to apply for additional cover without going through medical underwriting. Read more here.

If you are not eligible to increase your cover through Life Events or legalsuper’s special offer to new members, you can apply to increase your cover by completing and submitting the following forms.

To apply for cover or change your existing cover:

Complete the form online:

You can apply for or increase Salary Continuance, Death Only or Death & TPD cover by providing the information required and the Personal Health Statement online through MemberAccess. Simply access your legalsuper online account and follow the prompts.

Or, complete and post us a paper form:

Apply to change insurance (71.85 KB) Personal health statement (122.31 KB)

Converting between unitised & fixed cover

If your cover is fixed Death or Death and TPD cover, it means that the amount of your cover remains the same irrespective of changes in your age, but the insurance fee will increase on each birthday.

If your cover is unitised Death or Death and TPD cover, it means that your insured benefit is based on a number of units, where one unit represents a set amount which depends on how old you are. The cost of unitised cover is the same each year, but the value provided by each unit decreases as you age.

You can only apply to convert your cover if you are:

  • An insured member who is an Employer-sponsored member; and 
  • Converting all your fixed cover to unitised cover, or vice versa (i.e. you cannot have a combination of both unitised and fixed cover); and
  • Converting to fixed cover and are aged less than 80 years (for Death only) and less than 70 years (for Death and TPD). If you convert your cover from fixed to unitised, your cover will be rounded up to the next unit. 

If you are an Employer-Sponsored insured member of legalsuper who wishes to convert your current level of: 

  • Unitised Death only or Death and Total and Permanent Disablement (TPD) cover to a fixed level of cover; or 
  • Fixed Death only or Death and TPD cover to age-based unitised cover.

Please complete this form:

Application to convert between unitised and fixed cover (67.21 KB)

For details on how your converted cover is calculated and the insurance fee that will apply, please refer to the legalsuper PDS and Employer Sponsored Super Additional Information document in respect to the Employer-sponsored member.

Superannuation Product Disclosure Statement (189.92 KB) Employer Sponsored Super & Personal Super Additional Information (964.19 KB)

Decreasing or cancelling your cover

If you reduce or cancel your insurance cover and decide to reapply for cover in the future, you’ll be required to supply detailed health information as part of your application. Any future application is subject to the insurer’s acceptance and may be subject to increased insurance fees or exclusions. There is no guarantee that a future application will be successful.

If you’re replacing your legalsuper cover with another insurance policy, you should wait until you have received confirmation that your other policy has started before cancelling your existing policy. 

The cost of cover will stop being deducted from your account once you have cancelled your insurance however, as your insurance premiums are deducted from your account, monthly, in arrears, you may see a deduction of premiums from your account after you have cancelled. 

To cancel your insurance
You can cancel any insurance cover over the phone, or by writing to us via mail or email.  Your cover will be cancelled from the date we receive your request or a later date as specified by you.

To reduce your  insurance
If you want to reduce the amount of cover you have, but still keep some insurance; you must advise us in writing, via mail or email. We are unable to accept requests to reduce insurance over the phone. 

Contact us to decrease your cover

Call us

Free call within Australia. You can call our Melbourne based contact centre Monday - Friday, between 8:00am and 8:00pm, AEST.

Complete the form

To reduce or cancel your insurance, you can complete and return the following form to us via mail or email.

Apply to change insurance (71.85 KB)

Emailmail@legalsuper.com.au or
Post: Locked Bag 5081, Parramatta NSW 2124

Or write to us

Or, you can write to us. Make sure your letter includes the following:

  • Member number;
  • Full Name;
  • Date of Birth;
  • The full postal address we have recorded;
  • The type of insurance you hold & wish to cancel; or
  • The type of insurance you hold & wish to reduce or cancel.

Emailmail@legalsuper.com.au or
Post: Locked Bag 5081, Parramatta NSW 2124