Direct Investment option

Want more control over your investment?

The legalsuper Direct Investment option (DIO) offers members more control and choice with the investment of their super.  This option suits members who want to be actively involved in managing their super or those who might be seeking a low-cost SMSF-style alternative.

Members have the flexibility to invest in a selection of shares, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Listed Investment Companies (LICs) and term deposits.  The Trustee maintains an Approved Investment Menu that members can invest in.  

You can choose to invest part of your account balance in the Direct Investment option.  You can do this by opening a Direct Investment option account (DIO account) then transfer money from other legalsuper investment options to the DIO account to purchase your own selection of shares, ETFs, LICs and term deposits. 

The DIO is available to super and pension members. Super members who are commencing a legalsuper pension may be able to transfer an existing DIO account from super to pension without having to first sell their investments.


•Available to super and pension members

•Range of permitted investments

•Extensive reporting and investment tools

•Attractive fee and brokerage

Is the DIO right for me?

The legalsuper DIO is aimed at members who want more control of their investments and actively manage them.  Because the Trustee does not review trades nor will it arrange for the purchase, sale, redemption or reinvestment, members need to commit the time required to manage their chosen investments.

Members also need to have knowledge of the investments they are interested in, how these investments work and such matters as the tax treatment that will apply.

Rates of return

The past rates of return for the DIO can be viewed here: 

Rates of return - Super

Rates of return - Pension 

How do I find out more?

Before you invest in legalsuper’s Direct Investment option, you may want to learn more about share market investing. The Australian Stock Exchange website has a range of educational material and general information that may assist you. Please click here to visit their homepage.  In addition, the Federal Government’s Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) website, called MoneySmart, has a range of useful educational material and general information.  Please click here to visit their homepage.

You should read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement and Additional Information document for details of how the DIO works.  This contains information on maximums that apply and the fees and costs payable.

The Approved Investment Menu details the investments that you can select from, maximums and minimums that apply and can be found here.

Further information can be obtained by contacting legalsuper Client Service Managers.