Super Performance

Super Investment Performance

Current PerformanceHistorical performance to 30/06/2017
OptionFYTD as at 15/09/20171 Year3 Years5 Years7 Years10 Years
MySuper Balanced0.9%10.9%8.2%10.8%8.8%5.0%
Enhanced cash0.3%2.0%2.1%3.0%3.5%4.1%
Conservative balanced0.8%8.3%6.5%8.9%7.6%0.0%
Balanced index0.6%7.4%7.3%10.3%0.0%0.0%
High growth1.1%14.8%9.5%13.3%10.2%4.4%
Australian shares0.4%13.9%8.5%12.9%9.7%4.0%
Overseas shares2.0%17.7%10.1%14.5%10.8%4.3%
Balanced socially responsible0.9%7.6%5.6%10.4%6.9%2.1%

About this information

MySuper balanced is the investment option that Employer-sponsored members are allocated to if they do not make a choice of option when they join legalsuper.  An Employer-sponsored member is one where their employer contributes to legalsuper on their behalf.

All members can select from any of the 12 ‘investment choice’ options. Employer-sponsored members can also make the choice to be invested in MySuper balanced. This option is not available to Non Employer-sponsored members, which includes Personal members and Pension members.

Returns shown are net of investment fees and tax, gross of administration fees. Past performance is not an indicator of future performance

Super Unit Prices as at 15/09/2017

OptionBuy PriceSell Price
MySuper Balanced$1.7104$1.7076
Enhanced cash$1.2614$1.2614
Conservative balanced$1.6098$1.6079
Balanced index$1.6835$1.6802
High growth$1.8217$1.8182
Australian shares$1.6798$1.6764
Overseas shares$1.9512$1.9475
Balanced socially responsible$1.4081$1.4050

About this information

Your investment balance is made up of units in the fund. Unit prices for each investment option go up or down depending on the value of the investments within that option. The buy price is the value of one unit in an investment option when you make a contribution into your investment balance (such as you and/or your employer paying a contribution into your legalsuper account). The buy price will also apply if you switch into another legalsuper investment option. The sell price is the value of one unit in your investment balance when you make a withdrawal from your account. The sell price will apply when you are switching out of a particular investment option or when you withdraw money. The sell price is used to calculate your current investment balance.