Switch Investment Options

For Employer Sponsored members who do not make an investment choice, their super will be invested in legalsuper’s default investment option, the MySuper balanced option. MySuper balanced is only available to Employer-sponsored members.

Pension members must make an investment choice for their contribution. Where a selection is not made for 100% of their initial contribution, the contribution will be returned. Pension members can also direct the investment option from where their pension payments are paid. If no direction is made, pension payments are made in proportion to the existing balance(s) investment option(s).

Personal and Spouse members must make an investment selection for all of their account.  Where a selection is not made by a new Personal Member for 100% of their initial contribution, the contribution will be returned. Please refer to the Personal Super Additional Information document for further detail.

Whatever your membership type, your investment needs and attitude towards investment risk will change over time.

legalsuper offers different investment options, so that members can tailor how their super is invested to best suit their personal situation. We recommend that you seek advice before selecting your own investment options.

By way of example, a younger member (say, aged 30) may have up to another 30 years before they retire. This may mean they are more comfortable with riding out the more volatile returns of some assets (e.g. ‘growth’ assets such as shares or property) that historically have performed better over the longer term than other assets (e.g. ‘defensive’ assets such as cash and fixed interest).

If you are receiving a pension in retirement, you may prefer the lower volatility return of ‘defensive’ assets such as cash and fixed assets, and wish to limit or avoid exposure to ‘growth’ assets such as shares and property.

What type of investor are you?

If you are finding it difficult to choose an investment option, consider using the risk calculator. The risk calculator will help you explore your views about investing and provide some ideas to help you work out your investment style.

Use the calculator here

How can I make a choice?

You can make an investment choice on any working day, and there is no fee to do so.

Employer-sponsored and Personal and Spouse members  can also choose to have their future contributions invested in a different option to that in which their existing balance is invested. 

Pension members have the option of choosing to invest their account in a number of choice investments and also to choose to have their pension paid from a specified investment option(s).

There are two ways to change your investment option:

1. Select Member login at the top right hand corner of this page. If you do not have a password, please contact us on 1800 060 312 or you can register online by following the prompts.

2. Complete the investment section in the form for your membership type Employer-Sponsored; Personal and Spouse or Pension and return the form applicable to your membership type to
Locked Bag 5081
Parramatta NSW 2124
Please do not forget to sign the member declaration and follow the investment section instructions carefully.  Investment instructions that are not correctly completed or member declarations which are unsigned will mean your investment instruction cannot be actioned.

If you have any questions please contact us on 1800 060 312.

When an investment switch will occur

In the event that you elect to switch investment choices, your investment switch will occur using the next available unit price.

All investment switches are managed using a weekly batch period, which is from Monday 12.01am to Sunday 11.59pm for online transactions, and Monday 12.01am to Friday 1.00pm for instructions received by post or fax. Instructions received by post or fax after 1 pm on Friday, will be treated as having been received on the next Monday, and will be processed in the following weeks batch period.

Member investment choice switches received in this period will be applied to member accounts on the following Thursday (or if that is not a trading day, the next trading day) using the next unit price. Unit prices are updated each Wednesday (or if that is not a trading day, the next trading day).

Click here to view a graphical representation of our switch process and batch period.

Please note a Buy/Sell spread may occur following an investment switch. For more information please click here

Need more help understanding this information?

Please call our customer service line on 1800 060 312 for further assistance or make an appointment to see one of our Client Service Managers.