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Investment governance & beliefs

We adopt a rigorous internal governance framework and appoint expert independent investment advisers. Learn about the key elements of legalsuper's investment arrangements.

The Board of Legal Super Pty Ltd is responsible for the investment arrangements of legalsuper and for formulating an investment strategy for legalsuper in addition to individual investment strategies (investment options) made available to members.

The Board has established an Investment Committee to assist it with implementation of the investment strategy. The Investment Committee makes recommendations to the Board on matters of strategy, appoints and reviews underlying investment managers and formulates policies that guide investment arrangements and processes.

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee comprises of three Directors of Legal Super Pty Ltd and two investment experts who are appointed to provide additional assistance to the Committee.

Asset consultant

The Board has appointed Willis Towers Watson as its asset consultant to provide expert independent investment advice to the Board and Investment Committee in formulating and monitoring the investment strategy.

Willis Towers Watson is a global professional services company with investment expertise in risk assessment, strategic asset allocation, investment manager selection and delegated investment services.
Willis Towers Watson employs over 750 associates worldwide, has more than 1,000 pension funds and institutional investors as clients, and has assets under advice of over US$2 trillion.

Investment goal and beliefs

In investing the savings of its members, legalsuper is guided by the following investment goal and core investment beliefs.

Investment goal

The investment goal of legalsuper is to produce investment products that consistently deliver competitive long-term, risk-adjusted returns for members.

Investment beliefs

  1. We believe that optimal decision-making leads to strong member outcomes and is facilitated by appropriate governance structures.
  2. We believe that rigorous research of both the expected benefits and potential risks of investment opportunities leads to strong member outcomes.
  3. We believe our key comparative advantages are a long-term mindset and our size, and that we can improve member outcomes by exploiting these.
  4. We believe that real long-term returns are most important.  However, we recognise members have choices and returns relative to peers, are also important.
  5. We recognise the need to take risk in order for the Fund to achieve its return objectives.  Risk is only taken when we think we will be appropriately rewarded for it, and is managed through asset allocation, manager selection, overlays and portfolio construction.
  6. We aim to capture most of the upside in strong markets, and to minimise losses.
  7. We believe that asset allocation dictates most of the return and volatility of returns, and that the expected long-term returns and risks are best established through strategic asset allocation.
  8. We believe that markets move through cycles and by taking a dynamic approach to managing asset allocation, where we have high conviction, we aim to improve the probability of achieving the Fund’s return and risk objectives.
  9. We outsource our asset management to appropriately qualified investment managers. We employ passive managers, and also active managers where we have a high level of conviction in their ability to  add value net of fees and costs.
  10. We believe that environmental (including climate change), social and governance opportunities and risks exist and should be taken into consideration to the extent we can practically do so and within the context of optimising net risk-adjusted returns.