Guaranteed Income Accounts - Fees and charges

Fees and charges

legalsuper works hard to keep fees and costs low. Our sole purpose is to maximise the retirement savings of our members. We do not pay commissions to agents, and are a ‘not for profit’ fund. 

*The initial investment is reduced after each regular income payment by an amount calculated as initial investment minus any residual capital value, divided by the total number of income payments in the investment term.


Definitions of the terms used above in relation to fees and charges can be found under the heading 'Pension members' and selecting 'Defined Fees'.

There are no indirect charges payable in relation to your Guaranteed Income Account. Costs of providing the account are taken into account when setting the amount of your regular payments, and we also make assumptions about potential investment returns and your longevity (for the Lifetime Guaranteed Income Account). All fees and costs stated are GST inclusive.

Additional explanation of fees and costs

Member fee capping

Amounts invested in legalsuper's Guaranteed Income Accounts and the administration fees paid on income received are not included in entitlement to member fee capping.