Personal Contributions

Personal or voluntary contributions made simple

Sometimes called voluntary, these are non-concessional contributions that you choose to make from your after-tax income (take-home pay). You can make voluntary contributions as often as you like, up to the cap amount.

To make an after-tax contribution directly from your salary, speak to your employer.

You can also choose to pay contributions electronically via BPAY. See your legalsuper statement for BPAY details or contact legalsuper on 1800 060 312.

If you have any questions, contact the legalsuper team.

Can I get a 50% super boost?

To help low or middle-income earners boost retirement savings, the government offers a super co-contribution payment. To qualify for the maximum $500, you must earn less than $36,813 in 2017/18 and have paid $1000 from your after-tax wages into your super account.

For every dollar of after-tax earnings you pay into your super fund, the government gives you another 50 cents up to a maximum of $500. Co-contributions are paid on a reducing scale, cutting out at a salary of $51,813.

For further information you can read legalsuper’s co-contribution information sheet here or use legalsuper’s interactive co-contribution calculator here.

You don't need to apply. Just make extra personal super contributions, then complete the A3 government super contribution labels in your income tax return.