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How does legalsuper compare?

legalsuper is the industry super fund for Australia’s legal community. For more than three decades, we have dedicated ourselves to empowering the legal community to build wealth for their life in retirement.


Strong performance in the short and long term

Despite ongoing market volatility, our MySuper Balanced investment option where most of our members are invested, delivering a solid return of 7.92%* for the year to 30 June 2023. 

This result means legalsuper’s MySuper option has delivered top quartile performance when measured over the past two years combined1 and recorded a solid return of 7.7% over the last three years, outperforming the SuperRatings2 median of 7.4% by 0.3% through an economic cycle which saw continued significant investment market volatility.

Importantly, this continues a longer-term trend of outperformance, with legalsuper’s MySuper option returns having been higher than the SuperRatings median over 3, 5, 7 and 10 years.3

Investment options in detail

12 investment options:

  • You can invest in a mix of the 12 options to suit your personal risk level and values. You can change your investments at any time, as your needs and risk appetite change.

Direct Investments:

  • Our Direct Investment Option (DIO) is an SMSF alternative which allows you to invest directly in shares of your choice. You can trade in real-time in our online DIO platform, investing in S&P/ASX300 shares, a range of Term Deposits and a choice of Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs).

Four retirement income options:

  • Transition to Retirement Pension and Retirement Pension accounts allow you to draw your super into your bank account over time, like an income, while keeping the balance invested. Our Lifetime Guaranteed Income Account and Fixed Term Guaranteed Income Account are annuities which offer a guaranteed income for a specified period of time.

*MySuper Balanced return to 30/06/2023, net of tax and all fees except the $1.30 Administration fee. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

1Across SuperRatings’ SR50 MySuper Balanced Index.

2SuperRatings is an independent research provider for the super industry which issues a survey of the performance of ‘Balanced’ investment options based on criteria formulated by SuperRatings.

3 Figures are related to period ending 30 June 2023.


Here to help with personal service

Every legalsuper member has unlimited access to a dedicated Client Service Manager who they can meet with in person, or over the phone, at no additional cost.

Our National Client Service team is committed to helping members get the most out of their super. With an average experience of 20+ years in the financial services industry, you can be confident you’re being looked after by a team of skilled professionals.

  • One-on-one help: Help and guidance in-person or over the phone. We're here to help you understand and optimise your super and plan your retirement strategies.
  • Workplace visits: We know life can be busy, so we’re happy to come to you. Have confidence in your super for tomorrow, while prioritising your life today. We can even set up workplace seminars on a range of topics.
Get to know our team, or contact us directly:

Competitive fees and costs

As an Industry Super Fund, we are run only to benefit our members. We don’t pay dividends to shareholders and, aside from the costs of managing legalsuper, profits are shared with members through net investment returns.

Our administration fee is: $1.30 per week PLUS 0.29% of your account balance.

  • Our fee structure is designed to provide value, but not at the expense of personalised service, tailored products and competitive returns on your super balance.
  • These fees are capped, to keep your costs low. This is designed to keep cover the costs of administering your account in a way which is fair to all members.
  • There are some other fees which cover the cost of your particular investment and vary depending on what you're invested in.

Commitment to the legal community

Our commitment to the legal community runs deeper than wealth management. We’re a super fund first, but also a partner through your career and into retirement. We have a long and proud history alongside Australia’s law institutions, giving back to our industry and helping those within it.

In partnership with Australia’s law societies, we invest in the future success of the legal community by supporting professional development programs for industry participants, including emerging talent. We partner with various Australia's Law Institutes and Societies, supporting Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programs and events across the country.

View our partnerships

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Advocating for mental wellbeing in the law

Through collaboration with expert organisations, we are working to advance the conversation around and advocate for mental wellbeing in the law.

View our collaborations

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