Personalised service

The peace of mind that comes with personalised service

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Frustrated that her super fund was not listening, or even trying to meet her individual needs, Leonie felt that her financial future was out of her control and she wanted to make a change.

But Leonie was unsure what to do, until a chance meeting with legalsuper at a law society event helped restore her confidence that there were ways she could take better control of her super and her future.

Leonie recalls meeting legalsuper Member Service Manager, Tony Dodd, at the event and being immediately impressed by his knowledge and willingness to listen to and support all attendees, irrespective of whether they were legalsuper members or not.  

“Tony wasn’t there to sell legalsuper but to help all members of the legal community with their super needs,” Leonie, aged 59 and with 41 years in the workforce, recalls.

It was a refreshing and surprising change for Leonie, who had become increasingly frustrated with her existing fund’s approach. Instead of actively supporting her efforts to save for retirement and the life she was looking forward to living once she stopped working, her fund seemed disinterested and unwilling to help.

“The fund I was with made it very difficult for me to access information about my own super account, their service levels were underwhelming, and I felt like I was left to deal with it all on my own.” 

Leonie persisted with her fund for a while, including trying to get assistance with changing her investment portfolio, but found the whole process deeply frustrating and a waste of time.

“I called them three times in a month and was on hold for almost two hours each time.” 

And when Leonie was finally able to speak with someone?

“They were not able to provide any assistance and just didn’t seem to care.” 

By comparison, when Leonie decided enough was enough and contacted Tony to change to legalsuper, her experience was completely different.

“I contacted Tony to help me, and within two business days he had it sorted out.”

Not only was the service fast, but it was personal and felt very much focused on Leonie’s individual circumstances, stage-of-life and financial objectives.

“Tony was informative, efficient and patient and made it all so easy, and throughout I could see he was speaking with high integrity, honesty and was true to his word.”

With renewed confidence in her financial future, Leonie is looking forward to continuing to work part-time, and being able to spend more time with her family, particularly her grandson.

“On my days off, I look forward to picking up my grandson from day care and spending the day together,” Leonie said.

“Being a member of legalsuper has given me peace of mind because I know that my super is invested with a fund dedicated to the legal community and that I can get in contact with Tony at any time. I absolutely encourage other members to speak with their local Client Service Manager.”