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Support networks

We are acutely aware of the critical impact COVID-19 is having on our members’ livelihoods and wellbeing. It's important to reach out for support and keep the lines of communication open during these challenging times.

We're here to support and remain part of a strong and vibrant legal community in the months ahead

As the number of coronavirus cases rise in Australia and across the globe, it is a time of increasing stress for many. Staying connected and maintaining a sense of community has, perhaps, never been more crucial for our legal profession.

Resources & Information 

Financial assistance

If you are a sole trader or employ staff and your business has been negatively affected there are support teams available to help. 

  • Have a look at our resources for employers
  • Call 13 28 46 to speak to a dedicated Government COVID-19 business support team
  • ATO Emergency Support infoline 1800 806 218 

ALPMA launches COVID-19 resources

Australian Law Practice Managers Association (ALPMA)
ALPMA has launched a special COVID-19 website. The site contains regularly updated resources to support you and your firm, including webinars, discussion forums, member meetings and useful links.

Tips for Managing Anxiety

The Law Society of New South Wales
LSNSW have put together some useful strategies to help you look after your mental wellbeing.
"As we are being forced to change our lifestyles and adjust to new routines, now is a time to cooperate with one another and to support one another. Let this be a chance to show our strength by staying together as a community and as a profession."

Contingency planning for your practice

Law Institute of Victoria (LIV)
Unforeseen events such as this pandemic can have significant ramifications for the day-to-day operation of your practice. Practice contingency planning is an essential component of your law practice’s risk management strategy.  The LIV has produced a comprehensive set of resources and guides to contingency planning 

Professional Well-being - Recognising and responding to ‘Social Isolation’

Peter Docherty shares his insights into the challenging issue of social isolation  
"The issue of social isolation has been a challenge facing sole practitioners for decades, but as we embrace technology and reduce the traditional face to face interactions with our peers we need to be mindful of how this will impact well-being."

Resources to assist your practice

Law Society of Western Australia
The Law Society of Western Australia has launched a page of Information and resources in relation to COVID-19, which includes resources to assist your practice with issues such as working from home and health policies, safety checklists and court updates. Visit the Law Society website for more information.

Staying connected in WA

The Law Society of Western Australia
LSWA have launched four new Facebook pages to keep their members connected. The new groups are designed to be a forum where members can share valuable resources and discuss relevant topics with fellow practitioners. The groups are:

Queensland Law Society

Queensland Law Society (QLS) is continuing to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic as the situation continues to evolve. Please see important information and regular updates about the steps QLS is taking to assist members through these unprecedented times on the QLS COVID-19 webpage.

Seven Ways for Lawyers To Look After Well-Being While Working Remotely

The Law Society of Tasmania
Number 4. "... Without your conscious awareness, you normally have ‘micro-lifts’ peppered throughout your day. These are the little moments where you treat yourself to a coffee from your favourite coffee shop, you smile at someone in the street...or any of the other small things that give you a little boost or micro-lift without you even realising. When you work from home, these things don’t tend to happen naturally, the impact begins to accumulate and normally hits at around the two-week mark according to Dr Lucy Atcheson, a counselling psychologist." Read the whole article here.

Free daily wellness sessions via zoom

Legalite have created Love Your Life, a free daily 15 wellness session available to the public via Zoom. Take 15 minutes out of the day for "you" time. Legalite’s Wellbeing Champion Lauren Kelindeman has been running these sessions internally for the Legalite team for several months and has opened it up to the public so others can enjoy the benefits of a regular wellness practice. to "laugh, smile, chat, get creative and stretch" join the legalite team on Zoom at 2pm (Victorian time) every day and share with anyone who you think may benefit from this. The sessions will be run every day during the lockdown while people are working from home.  Link here: (Password: 419011). Learn more about Legalite.

Ethics advice line and practice management support

The Law Institute of Victoria
continues to offer support services to LIV members. For ethics support call 03 9607 9336 and for practice support call 03 9607 9378 or you can email the team on

QLS Ethics and Practice Centre
offers a range of support and additional services during this difficult period. Please contact the Centre on 07 3842 5843 or

Lifeline for Lawyers 1800 085 062 

Lifeline for Lawyers was launched by the Law Society of NSW. Trained telephone counsellors are there to offer supportive counselling for lawyers who would like someone to talk to. Lifeline for Lawyers is not only for people experiencing crisis or distress. Lifeline for Lawyers is available 24/7, you can call 1800 085 062 at any time or chat online from 7pm to midnight at Lifeline for Lawyers is a confidential service.

Crisis support chat

For confidential one-to-one chat with a Lifeline Online Crisis Supporter. Crisis Support chat offers short-term support for people who are overwhelmed and having difficulty coping or staying safe. Available from 7pm-midnight (AEST), 7 days a week at

Lawcare - councellors and resources through your Law Society membership

QLS Lawcare
LawCare is a Queensland Law Society member-only service providing a range of confidential, personal and professional support. It's easy to access, complimentary and available to all QLS members, their staff and their immediate family members. Visit for more information.

LawCare WA
LawCare WA is the Law Society of Western Australia's holistic approach to wellbeing and resilience. Membership of the Law Society provides complimentary access to LawCare WA to help you manage your career, life, health and wellbeing. LawCare WA now includes a suite of dedicated support programs called ‘CoronaCare’ to help support you and your organisation manage through the uncertainty that we are all experiencing as a result of the emergence of COVID-19 (coronavirus).  For more information visit LawCare WA or  to speak with a counsellor over the phone or make an appointment to see a consultant for a face-to-face session please call 1300 687 327. 

LawCare - Law Society NT
The Law Society NT recognises that lawyers often work under enormous pressure, so it has been a priority of the Society to make a LawCare counselling program available to members. The counselling service is confidential, free and available to Society members and their immediate family. Read more to find the right number to call from your region.